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    Sewer Disposal Solutions


Sewer Disposal Service for Melbourne

We operate own and operate a bulk ducted sewerage disposal point under a license agreement with Yarra Valley Water (YVW), and in accordance with applicable guidelines at 13 Dennis Street Campbellfield.

Hours of operations for our Melbourne sewer disposal dump and its services are:
Monday – Friday 7.30am – 16:30pm (excluding declared public holidays).

Sewer disposal services outside of these hours can be arranged in order to suit your business needs, but prior notice must be given. Please note that a surcharge does apply to this service.

All users of the site are required to enter into a Sewage Disposal Agreement with Stows Waste Management.

Before accepting any delivery of sewage at the premises, the sewage will be inspected and sampled. Representative samples are taken from loads and sent for analysis. Volumes and pH are then measured and recorded on site. This process is reviewed regularly and audited annually for compliance under our licence agreement. If a load does not meet the required criteria, it will be rejected and YVW will be informed.

Disposal of sewage waste will be charged at $45.00 per kilolitre of part thereof (effective 1 August 2014). A minimum volume of 2,000 litres will apply to any load which is below this volume.


Liquid Waste

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Sewage Disposal Site

We have a services agreement with Yarra Valley Water (YVW) to operate a sewage disposal point to the YVW sewage system at 13 Dennis Street Campbellfield.

  • Where to find us
  • 11-13 Dennis Street,
  • Campbellfield, VIC 3062.
  • PO Box 11 Somerton MDC,
  • VIC, 3062
  • T: 03 9305 2155
  • F: 03 9305 4423
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