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Septic Tank Cleaning in Melbourne

With septic systems constantly being used by homeowners, it’s imperative that tank cleaning is conducted frequently, to ensure unhealthy discharge is removed. If tanks are left for extended periods of time without having being attended to, it’s likely that issues will arise and a simple pumping solution may be too late to apply.

Larger septic problems usually require an expensive operation to resolve them, costing homeowners a fortune on labour and mechanical components. Stows Waste Management offers affordable septic tank pumping to efficiently provide systems with cleaning solutions, before the issue gets out of hand.

For Melbourne residents experiencing heavy amounts of sludge and liquid layers of scum, we highly recommend that you invest in septic tank cleaning to ensure all discharge is eliminated. Leaving this unwanted waste unattended will is a severe threat to the health of the homeowner and the surrounding area, not to mention a huge potential plumbing problem.

We believe in being completely committed to customer service that provides the support and advice that all Melbourne clients deserve. As a result, Stows Waste Management carefully and appropriately delivers septic tank cleaning and pumping solutions that are unmatched in quality and price.

Liquid Waste

Stows collect, transport and dispose of many types of liquid waste including...

Dry Waste

Stows have a broad range of bulk bins ranging from 11 to 30 cubic metres to...

Sewage Disposal Site

We have a services agreement with Yarra Valley Water (YVW) to operate a sewage disposal point to the YVW sewage system at 13 Dennis Street Campbellfield.

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  • 11-13 Dennis Street,
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  • PO Box 11 Somerton MDC,
  • VIC, 3062
  • T: 03 9305 2155
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”Very, very, very happy – driver took the time to find problem that other companies could not work out
”If you are looking for personalised service and a company who cares about you, I would highly recommend Stows Waste Management before you engage a larger company to do your waste removal”
”Your company has always been a pleasure to deal with, fast response and great service”
”After the problems we had with our previous waste contractor, Stows is a breath of fresh air. Well aware of our needs and security requirements”
”It’s nice to work with your operators who know what they are doing”
”Very easy to deal with, good service”
”Driver did a good job, very satisified”

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