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    Liquid Waste Solutions


Liquid Waste Management Services for Melbourne

Stows collect, transport and dispose of many types of liquid waste, including prescribed waste. Through these reliable services, we offer liquid waste management, grease trap cleaning and a number of other solutions.

This disposal service includes removing all lids and completely pumping all contents out. All interior surfaces, sides, baffles and lids are cleaned and scraped. The interior is then hosed and re-pumped until completely clean.

Prescribed wastes are disposed of at an EPA approved disposal site in Melbourne. We complete all EPA mandatory reporting and issue copies of certificates on request.

On request, this service can be performed out of commercial business hours to minimise disruption to your business.

Our commercial liquid management service for Melbourne includes:


  • Pumping and cleaning of septic holding tanks, portable toilets and treatment plants.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Collection and disposal of grease trap waste
  • Stows’ Customer Service staff will also provide you with reminder calls to ensure you a regular service schedule is maintained in order to avoid any heavy sludge problems

Triple Interceptor Pits / Spray Booths

  • Collection and disposal of grease trap waste
  • Cleaning and desludging of pits/sumps.

Holding Tanks

  • Collection and disposal of prescribed wastes from holding tanks
  • Cleaning of holding tanks

Containerised Materials

  • Removal, treatment and disposal of prescribed waste in containerised drums
  • Transport, labels and packaging dry waste.
Liquid Waste

Stows collect, transport and dispose of many types of liquid waste including...

Dry Waste

Stows have a broad range of bulk bins ranging from 11 to 30 cubic metres to...

Sewage Disposal Site

We have a services agreement with Yarra Valley Water (YVW) to operate a sewage disposal point to the YVW sewage system at 13 Dennis Street Campbellfield.

  • Where to find us
  • 11-13 Dennis Street,
  • Campbellfield, VIC 3062.
  • PO Box 11 Somerton MDC,
  • VIC, 3062
  • T: 03 9305 2155
  • F: 03 9305 4423
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”If you are looking for personalised service and a company who cares about you, I would highly recommend Stows Waste Management before you engage a larger company to do your waste removal”
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”After the problems we had with our previous waste contractor, Stows is a breath of fresh air. Well aware of our needs and security requirements”
”Very easy to deal with, good service”

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